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The Cat and Shakespeare,Raja Rao. In the book the cat and Shakespeare, author Raja Rao offers answer to the philosophical questions. A metaphysical novel.
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She removes herself to her ancestral home, Kartikura House, in Alwaye with her son, Vithal. She is shy like a peahen. Her giving is complete.

Both Shantha and Usha embody the feminine principle as does the Mother Cat a symbol for the compassionate Guru. They are the instruments of divine grace krpa. And from Their union, all things arise.

I saw truth not as fact but as ignition. I could walk into fire and be cool, I could sing and be silent, I could hold myself and yet not be there. I smelled a breath that was of nowhere but rising in my nostrils sank back into me, and found death was at my door.

I woke up and found death had passed by, telling me I had no business to be there. Then where was I? Death said it had died. I had killed death. When you see death as death, you kill it.

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Again, the British presence in India is inescapable; it is reinforced by the ubiquitous presence of the English language. And what better representative of English can there be than Shakespeare himself? Now, English, the new deva-vani, has replaced Sanskrit as the lingua franca.


And Rao himself, unable to write in Sanskrit, writes in English. The irony is directed at himself. In the novel, Nair revels in Shakespearean locutions.

Unable to rid themselves of the British, Indians retreat into the past, finding solace in religion and philosophy. Unlike the highly individual and expressive idiolects of the earlier novels, that of The Cat and Shakespeare is deliberately ordinary, since the intent is to express traditional lore. In this process, Rao has pitted the symmetry of language against the asymmetry of thought with its indirections and paradoxes.

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The highly reductive style of The Cat and Shakespeare is in strong contrast to the expansiveness of the other novels. In his hands, the form becomes an instrument of metaphysical inquiry that transforms the language into true poetry. The epigraph from Kanakadasa, a sixteenth-century Kannada devotional poet, suggests the theme of the story: the relationship between an English-educated boy, Ramu, a Brahmin, and a low-caste servant, Javni, a widow, who works for his married sister, Sita. Ramu and Javni share the same religious nature, his at the level of metaphysics, and hers in a belief in spirits and simple devotion to the goddess Talakamma.

Ramu sees himself as an instrument of social change that breaks down the barriers of caste. Talking to Javni, Ramu experiences a kind of epiphany in which he sees her as a divine being, a great soul.


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This mood, of course, does not last, and Ramu accepts the distinctions of caste between them as the family moves away two years later. He accepts the fact that Javni is but a servant who must be left behind. Source , Source 2 , Source 3. Nom, nom, nom…. Hello, Everyone; my name is Tigger Mercutio Falstaff. Recently, I was abandoned by my owner — left in an apartment when they moved out. But, today, I was lucky enough to find a furever home.

I know that after a period of adjustment, I will be very happy here with my new brother and sisters. JavaScript is required to view this site.

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